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Update on Littlest Love

Update on Littlest Love

Hello all!

I'm so lucky to say that 2017 has been an incredible year so far, and we still have the amazing Fall and Winter seasons upon us. It comes with a confusing array of emotions to let you know that Littlest Love is changing directions. Let me explain...

In early 2017, my husband, Justin, and I held our annual retreat to reset and discuss our goals and intentions for the year. It's something we do to check in with each other after a hectic year, and while it's hard work and can be emotionally draining, it's so valuable to be sure we are on the same page with our short and long term goals. During the retreat, Justin prefaced a question asking me not to be upset or answer right away. I agreed, and he asked:

"Do you really want a store front?"

My entire world turned on its axis as I held off on replying and sat with the question for a few days. I thought back to my reasons for opening my own business.

  • To be authentic and share what I love to do, which is creating a brand that stands for community and connection around the table.
  • To have autonomy and freedom to find balance in my life.
  • To be able to travel and start a family, and really be present with those I love.

After learning so much about opening a bakery and/or bar store front, I realized that none of this would be possible. And suddenly, my internal dialogue began to tell the story that I'd failed. If I was no longer going to be Littlest Love, who was I going to be?

Around this time, Molly Martin, a beloved friend and talented chef, asked me to open a catering business with her. As I listened to her talk about this concept, I began to feel my heart race. Did she mean she wanted to share kitchen space? No, she wants us to be business partners. What about Littlest Love?

"What ABOUT Littlest Love?" I thought.

And then I realized how serendipitous and yet completely obvious this all seemed. As we began meeting, planning, starting the business, signing operating agreements, opening accounts, and making incredible food together, I realized this was the dream I'd been seeking out for so long.

  • I feel authentic in sharing colorful, seasonal food with every client.
  • I have seen that with a business partner, specifically with Molly, that collaborating is so much more creative and inspiring.
  • I have found balance and freedom in my personal life, as we each take on half the stress and double the joys of the business.

The new, more honest story of my inner dialogue? I am brave and adaptable. I never would have found true happiness with Littlest Love, and I was brave enough to admit that, despite investing my time and money into the business for the last four years. I was adaptable because I was truly honest with myself, which allowed me to change with my head held high, knowing that without those experiences from Littlest Love, I would never be where I am today. So here we are...

JG_Fall_2017 (135 of 260).jpg

I'm not sure why, but it's taken me this long to introduce you to Juniper Green, where you will find a delicious array of seasonal, savory fare along with the delectable confections that have stemmed from Littlest Love. You can enjoy our flavorful menu at your next baby shower, business lunch, big soiree, and even your Thanksgiving table, so please check out the website and follow us on Instagram!

What will become of Littlest Love? You'll find that a lot of my ordering options will roll into Juniper Green, along with some fun, new menu items! Another reason to follow along? Littlest Love will be sponsoring pop-up events hosted by Juniper Green where you can buy tickets to enjoy dessert and drinks in fun locations around Nashville. Also, I'll be blogging here more. You'll find some of my favorite recipes, along with seasonal dessert ideas and plenty of city guides around the world of my favorite bakeries.

Thank you to the moon and back for your support, encouragement and trust in me for all of your sweet celebrations! I look forward to serving you through Juniper Green and sharing my thoughts here on littlestlove.com/littlestblog.

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