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Littlest Love is a  boutique bakery located in Nashville, Tennessee. We specialize in developing custom desserts (cookies, cupcakes pies, bars, etc.) with our clients for their private events. 




Littlest Love's blog is all about testing/sharing fun recipes, learning more about the pastry scene in Nashville and around the world, and hosting pastry and dessert pairing pop-ups in Nashville, TN!

Your mama's favorite peach!

lyndi stein

Pecan sandies sandwiched between sweet, peach jam! 

Pecan sandies sandwiched between sweet, peach jam! 

As you may have already seen on pretty much every social media outlet I could find, Littlest Love has teamed up with the dream team over at The Peach Truck for their Mother's Day boxes! The folks over there are some of the kindest, most genuinely authentic people I've ever met. And if you've never tasted a Peach Truck peach, well... you need to, because it's like biting directly into a juicy, summer day in the South. It's a close your eyes and smile kind of experience.

Along with a dozen of these juicy peaches, there's a little nook just for some Littlest Love goodness. "And what is going in there?" you might ask. Great question. In each box will be a few delicate cookie sandwiches made up of sweet peach jam between two buttery, flaky pecan sandies. Did you just drool a little on your screen?

Me too.

Want to be your mama's favorite? Go order a box for her now! It's not too late!