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Your Mama's Favorite Peach

Pecan Sandies + Housemade Peach Jam

Pecan Sandies + Housemade Peach Jam

As you may have already seen on pretty much every social media outlet I could find, Littlest Love has teamed up with The Peach Truck for their Mother's Day boxes. If you've never tasted a Peach Truck peach, it's like biting directly into a juicy, summer day in the South. It's a close your eyes and smile kind of experience.

Along with a dozen of these juicy peaches, there's a little nook for some Littlest Love goodness. In each box will be a few delicate cookie sandwiches made up of sweet peach jam between two buttery, flaky pecan sandies. Did you just drool a little on your screen?

Me too.

Want to be your mama's favorite? Order a box for her now.


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