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Littlest Love Loves Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is a special day for me. It was the first time I created something unique and beautiful from scratch for the sole purpose of bringing joy to others. I made red velvet cupcakes for my boyfriend (now fiance, I guess he got a taste of something he liked!) and they were just plain yummy. It was also a labor of love, as everything was by hand. It also took me several hours to simply comprehend putting vinegar into any kind of cake. And so each year, I try to out-do my former Valentine's surprise.

Two years ago, I made peanut butter cups. Last year, I made strawberry marshmallows into the shape of hearts, added Olive & Sinclair's Mexican Chocolate and homemade maple crisps. And this year, I'm just going to blow your mind.

From Littlest Love to your love, I'm delivering sweets to your Nashville sweetheart for Valentine's Day! If you order by February 10th, Littlest Love will deliver your sweets package to your front doorstep or your sweetheart's office, free of charge! What does this all mean? Choose from the options below, fill out a form on the Contact Page, and stay out of the dog house! Your goods will be delivered on Friday, February 13th. 

Sweet Nothings (sugar cookies w. pink frosting + your message up to 15 characters, $20/dozen}

Peggy Bundy {chocolate bon-bons filled with caramel, pb or berry jam, $20/dozen}

Love You S'more {heart-shaped 'mallows dipped in olive + sinclair sauce, $25/dozen}

The Hotel Motel {chocolate covered strawberry cupcakes, classic $35/dozen, mini $30/dozen}

Breakfast in Bed {raspberry Nutella pop tarts that say "tart for my heart", $30/half-dozen}

Order by Groundhog's Day and receive a free Bill Murray Valentine's Day card with a personal message of your choice.

Can't wait to share the love, Nashville!

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