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Winner Winner, Dessert for Dinner!

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine suggested I enter into a baking competition. The event was called Seasons Treatings and it was at Acme Feed & Seed's Hatchery. It was hosted by an awesome media outlet in town, 12th & Broad. While I was more than willing to enter into a baking competition, this one had me especially intrigued. It was "Cupcake Wars" style, and so there were three ingredients that everyone had to use:

  1. Acme Feed & Seed Traffic Jam | Peach Habanero Jam 
  2. The Southern's Peace & Plenty Sauce | Pineapple, Mango & Chili Pepper Hot Sauce
  3. Yazoo Brewery's Winter Beer 

These ingredients made my heart sing! They didn't quite sing out Christmas carols, but they sang out a spicy renditions of Georgia on My Mind and that's as good as anything to me. So I got to baking. Since I'd been making so many pies lately, I decided it was time to turn that pie into a tartlet and create some kind of spicy filling.

My first attempt was a blueberry + Traffic Jam tart. (Yum!) I topped it with beer caramel and made a hot sauce meringue. It was super delicious together, but the meringue smelled too savory and it was freaking out my taste testers. It was kind of a bust.

So round two, I reduced the beer with some cold brewed coffee and brown sugar and voila! A beautiful beer syrup. I added it into my whipped cream and a star was born. Next, I made a Peace & Plenty caramel using coconut eggnog and heavily drizzled that over top the tart. I still have dreams about that flavor combination. I also still have the beer syrup and spicy caramel in the fridge to keep me warm during this holiday season. That spicy coconut eggnog coffee ain't gonna drink itself!

Needless to say, I walked into the competition feeling excited and nervous. When they called my name, I did a little happy dance and gracefully accepted a one-year subscription to 12th and Broad, a cool hoodie, and a gift certificate to any Nashville Originals restaurant (here I come, Cork & Cow)! So cool!

Despite my nerves, I'd call the evening a success. This is in large part due to the incredible desserts lining the edges of the Hatchery, carefully crafted by Nashville Originals restaurants and quickly devoured by me and several other patrons. What a blast! Photos of the sweet event can be found here

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