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Baking Organization 101

A wonderful friend of mine is the neatest person I know. Yes, she's fun and cool, but I mean neat. Organized. Clean. Everything in its place. NEAT. And she just so happens to also be pretty crafty and a damn good baker to boot! She blogs about her stuff over at Blue Hued Nest, and she's just plain adorable. We decided after sharing ideas with each other for the past several weeks that we should write a blog post that the other would LOVE. So, fun times, I am writing a blog post to show you how I manage an extreme amount of baking supplies and she's writing a post about her delicious apple crisp! You can find the post here!

If you can imagine, the kitchen is a holy space for me. I am constantly wiping down counters, washing dishes, using all of my measuring spoons in one hour, and going through flour like it's my job (oh wait, it is!). So, when I went from a pack of cupcake liners to dozens of different sizes, shapes and colors, I decided it was time to organize. And here is how I do it:

  • I purchased sliding doors from the Container Store. This allows me to see all of my decorating tools - piping bags, tips, cookie cutters, sprinkles, etc.
  • I put all of my non-perishable items on a separate (also sliding) shelf - plastic spoons for taste testing, sealed bags for cookies, etc.
  • I purchased anchor hocking jars to store irregularly shaped items that need more protection - cookie cutters and cupcake liners (both of which can be affected by humidity).
  • I purchased penny candy jars and labels for the 4 most often used raw materials - brown sugar, white sugar, all-purpose flour and confectioner's sugar. I labeled them using my imagination and a purple Sharpie.

What are your favorite tools for organizing your world? Would love to hear ideas from YOU!

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