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A Littlest Holiday Helper

Many of you are planning for the holidays. When I say "holidays" I mean that time period from Thanksgiving to New Years Eve when everyone gathers in small spaces and lets their emotions and their diets run rampant. This is Littlest Love's FAVORITE time of year!

Movies tend to depict the holidays as an array of feuding families, burning turkeys, and fruit cake. First, let's set the record straight... fruit cake is neither real fruit, nor a real cake. Second, the holiday season is about staying warm - to the touch, and in the heart. The holiday season for me is a mixture of the warm smell of cinnamon, the calming taste of peppermint, the salty-sweet combination of latkes and fresh applesauce, and the happy glow of a tired, and very full family.

My fiance and I usually host, but this year we are doing a fun mix of traveling and hosting over the holiday season, so I'm feeling pretty at ease! Something I've learned quickly is that hosting is best when you have HELP! And what better way to have help during the holidays than in the kitchen?

If you're in need, Littlest Love wants to help! An extra Thanksgiving pie? We can do that! A mix of fresh breakfast pastries for the early risers to pair with a dark cup of coffee? We've got your morning covered. A batch of gingerbread men to "wow" your littlest guests? We're ready to bring on that holiday cheer!

You can complete a form on our Contact page or you can check out our Menu and complete a form there! We can deliver or be ready for pick-up all the way up to the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and the morning of Christmas Eve!

Cheers, y'all!

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