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Littlest Love is a  boutique bakery located in Nashville, Tennessee. We specialize in developing custom desserts (cookies, cupcakes pies, bars, etc.) with our clients for their private events. 




Littlest Love's blog is all about testing/sharing fun recipes, learning more about the pastry scene in Nashville and around the world, and hosting pastry and dessert pairing pop-ups in Nashville, TN!

Irish I Had More Cookies...

lyndi stein

I figured if I titled this post with a pun, then I wouldn't have to explain my love of green beer, leprechauns and Lucky Charms. Just so we're all on the same page here, I am celebrating extra hard and wearing extra bright green today because I need some luck of the Irish! Lots of exciting things happening for Littlest Love right now... The website has a temporary page up right now for those locals that would like to place an order! Just check out my current menu. In the next month or two, you should see a very official website!

To celebrate St. Paddy's this weekend...I baked. What did you expect? I figured what better way than with sugar cookies in the shape of shamrocks. And how better to dress them than with Bailey's frosting? You know it!

Tonight is the night for green beer, and I may have purchased a few articles of festive attire...

...but I think we can all safely say that nobody wants to see those pictures! Hope everyone has a fun, safe St. Patrick's Day! Remember to drink green beer (or Irish car bombs or Guiness... or...) responsibly and call up Uber if you end up practicing Irish yoga! Sláinte!