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Thanksgiving Pie Giveaway!

If you couldn't tell by my pumpkin obsession, I absolutely love this time of year. The leaves are changing and falling, the air is crisp and cool, and the kitchen always smells like cinnamon. Humans were hardwired to love cinnamon. Ever met someone who was all "Gross, what's that smell? Oh, cinnamon? I hate cinnamon." Me neither. Because they don't exist.

However, the holiday season, despite it's rosy glow of delicious food, snowflakes, and pumpkin everything, comes with it's stresses. After all, it also includes family, cooking all day, and planning for 10 of the world's pickiest people in a 1,000 square foot apartment with an 80-pound dog, 3 kids, a restless father, and no cable TV. What? No, I love the holidays! Not stressful at all!

I'm sure plenty of you are singing the same tune, so I figure, why not share in the joys AND the pain? Or better yet, why not alleviate the pain altogether? Anyone stressed enough about hosting their very own Thanksgiving meal? Headed to a friend's place and not sure what to bring? Just want to sit at home with a fork and a bottle of wine and eat a free pie? Well, this contest is for you! Keep reading...

I am DELIVERING a FREE pie to one lucky Nashville local! Here are the rules:

1. Like my


page, @LittlestLove.

2. Post a link to this blog on your Facebook with the reason you are thankful this holiday season, and tag @LittlestLove.

3. Contest winner will be announced on the evening of Tuesday, November 26. Pie delivery will be Thursday morning!

Happy thanking!

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