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Huffin', Puffin' and Making Muffins!

Well, today is your pretty typical post - lots of yummy treats! I realize the time span between posts lately has increased exponentially and for that, I apologize. Turns out, you can only do so much in 24 hours, and MBA homework and reading, traveling, and work frustrations have reared their ugly heads! Rawr.

Fortunately for me, that just means that I've been baking more and more. But lately there's been less time to tell you guys all about it! Fret not, I am still making a lot of forward progress! And with that progress came the realization that I hadn't really made muffins since LAST football season! Yes, I equate seasons to sports. Because that's how I know when to bake! Sunday morning baking followed by football watching and wing eating! But I digress...

I couldn't think of anything more seasonal and exciting than pumpkin muffins. Just to be sure it was perfect, I made about 10-20 different batches, all with a different combination of ingredients. Yes, that made for a lot of muffins! I tried mixing in chocolate chips to some of the batches, but I felt like it took away from the brown-sugary, cinnamon-y flavor of the pumpkin. And by golly, this last batch was dang delicious. But it didn't come without about 5 million trillion (I believe that's the technical term) muffins sitting around my apartment.

So, to promote early mornings - which I absolutely LOVE - and to pique the interest of breakfast foods that are a little more standard (wait,

peach cobbler + ice cream

isn't a legitimate breakfast?!?!), I bring you my delectable muffins with brown sugar crumble! The first few batches turned out to be a little gummy, as I attempted to be lower in sugar AND fat (boooooo). Turns out, the less I tried to combine multiple healthy alternatives, the better they tasted. Go figure. And you know what? They're worth every bite!

So, after huffin' and puffin' and many a-muffin, I bring you my favorite muffin yet! What's better than football and beer?? Nothing, duh. But these muffins take the number two spot, at least!

Oh hello, (pumpkin) lover...

These muffins were dispersed amongs friends and co-workers alike. And yes, every last muffin was eaten. Now what's for lunch??

Cheers to Breakfast!

Pink Mustaches & Breakfast Desserts