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Cheers to Breakfast!

I have been on a crazy breakfast kick lately! So yes, I'll cheers to breakfast. In the form of a delicious mimosa or bloody Mary. Like anyone can say no to that? My preferred breakfast beverage comes in the form of coffee (with TN Whisper Creek cream and Maker's Mark). It's a delicious Southern coffee, and being in Tennessee now, far fewer people are judging me.

But I digress...

I'm not actually posting about booze, I just got carried away. Today's post is brought to you by the British cookie counterpart - the SCONE. I've been deterred from scones for a very long time. Mostly because the dry crumb I had sadly tasted with crappy scones just never held a candle to a flaky almond croissant. Fortunately for me (and you!) I've revisited scones. They've become all the rage at coffee shops recently, so naturally I had to dig in and make some. I went with almond cream scones with blueberries, and those puppies came and went faster than I could order my Southern coffee!

Next up I went for a pumpkin scone with cinnamon chips. Those were equally delicious, and so fun to make because of the seasonal flair, and my ultimate love for all things pumpkin.

As if that wasn't enough goodness last week, this past weekend I delved into a much deeper place. A place filled with....well, butter. And flour. But mostly butter. I made my first ever batch of croissants. And they only took 3 days to make! Lo and behold, a buttery, flaky, time-consuming beauty!

Here's an up close and personal look at that flaky pastry...

Stay tuned for a delicious, Autumn post filled with pumpkin, candy corn brownies, and toasted marshmallow goodness!

Happy Halloween!

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