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The Three (Vegan) Amigos

So, I've gone and done it. I am officially working on a vegan cookie. Eventually I'll get to the gluten free option, and possibly pair it (which brings a whole new set of patience and learning material, both of which I've got). The problem with baking these cookies, is that I like to bake several in one night. And then I have to taste all of them!  The good, the bad, and the ugly. Even the chocolate avocado one that looked like a rock and tasted like sourdough bread. It was sad too, because the dough was scrumptious! Vegan cookies don't behave like other cookies in the oven. No, siree. They are far more precarious.

Anyways, I have found the base of the dough for a vegan chocolate chip cookie, and it's near complete. After a few more iterations, I think I'll have a pretty darn delicious cookie!  Want to see some of the more visually pleasing iterations?

Cookie Numbero Uno is a tiny chocolate chip cookie that did not spread. At all.  In fact, I think it even stubbornly looked at me through the oven door, crossed its arms, and said "I'm not moving!"  And move it did not!

Cookie Numero Dos was a little more easy going, and even got a crispy brown edge. It said to me "I see what you're doing. I don't agree with it, but I support you..."

Cookie Numbero Tres was clearly on its third glass of wine. Because he was all "Do what you want... this is great." And thus, he was the clear winner. He listened to me, he relaxed a bit, and he was pretty darn good! Boyfriend didn't even know he was vegan!

The three amigos all in a row!

Cookie Numero Tres, all lined up and ready to be eaten! Now where's that glass of almond milk??

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