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Littlest Love is a  boutique bakery located in Nashville, Tennessee. We specialize in developing custom desserts (cookies, cupcakes pies, bars, etc.) with our clients for their private events. 




Littlest Love's blog is all about testing/sharing fun recipes, learning more about the pastry scene in Nashville and around the world, and hosting pastry and dessert pairing pop-ups in Nashville, TN!

Pink Mustaches & Breakfast Desserts

lyndi michele

After days and weeks of traveling the country and the world, I'm back! No, wait. I leave again Friday! This time for Charleston, South Carolina for a bachelorette party of epic proportions. Not only is it one of my best friends, but it is my last trip out of town for at least two and a half weeks... and that's gotta count for something!

While my summer travels this year have and are taking me to Chattanooga, Pigeon Forge, Miami, Key West, Charleston, and Buenos Aires (Argentina), they have not taken me too far from Littlest Love.  Fortunately, I've still been able to focus my energies on Littlest Love. I have a meeting scheduled for tomorrow to speak with a business owner, and several meetings planned for early September to review my business plan, develop a marketing plan, and gain some financial insight into the world of baking. Not to mention, I am about to start website development! It looks like my new target is for the end of September, so keep that in mind!

In the meantime, I've been excitedly baking new concoctions and trying out seasonal flavor combinations! The latest are my pink lemonade sugar cookies - special for the Key West bachelorette party. Yes, those are mustache cookie cutters!

And let's not forget about the very last day of Peach Season! I got into town from Argentina, and was greeted by two bags of The Peach Truck peaches. So naturally, I made their peach cobbler. Look at those beauties!

Yum to peach cobbler with a scoop of Jeni's Loveless Biscuits & Peach Jam ice cream on top. Did I mention that this was my breakfast??

Stay tuned for more summery sweetness and the latest and greatest on Littlest Love's progress!