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Red, White & Nomnoms!

Fourth of July is the day that Americans celebrate 'Merica's birthday by lighting shit on fire, eating until we can't move, and yelling " 'Merica! " at the top of our lungs every time someone mentions beer, anything deep fried, or the colors red, white and blue. It's a time when we all get just a little bit redneck, a little bit patriotic, and a lotta bit full.

And now I get to talk about my redneck, patriotic, and super full week(end)! I started it off early on Tuesday night, baking and shipping cookies to Orlando. Those cookies then made there way to St. Augustine for a VoicePlay performance! They were dispersed amongst family and friends, and from the pictures I received it looked like everyone really enjoyed themselves. I know I had a great time baking these star-cutout brownie cookies. They were chewy in the middle and crisp around the edges, and they were filled with strawberry and blueberry buttercream. And by golly, they screamed 'Merica!

Naturally, I couldn't let the leftover buttercream go to waste, so the little cutouts made cute little star brownie bites that I shared with some local friends.

Wednesday evening I went for a true American pie. I didn't go for the usual strawberry, blueberry and whipped cream stars and stripes. No, I went big. Since blackberries are in season (and a recent obsession of mine) I went for a blackberry and lime pie. And I used a family recipe for the pie crust that would bring big, fat patriotic tears to your eyes. Just look at that golden brown, super delicious, perfectly baked star pie!

As you can see, this bad mamma-jamma didn't last long...

As for the rest of my baking, I put it on hold for a quick trip to Chattanooga as a last hurrah with some Nashville friends who are moving away. We ended up eating plenty of delicious food, all of which I could talk about in great length. Some of the hot spots were: 

Urban Stack

Aretha Frankenstein's

 (pancakes pictured below), 


 (see a picture of Rembrandt's "Nun" - a double stacked chocolate cream puff -


), and 

Heaven & Ale

 (four 4-oz sampler pictured below).

Aretha Frankenstein's blueberry pancakes (not pictured: Irish 8-Ball = Guinness + 2 Shots Espresso):

Heaven & Ale - an awesome new growler-fill and tasting station in Chattanooga!

Did everyone enjoy their 4th of July?? Please share links to your holiday festivities! To 'Merica!

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