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Key Lime Pie Cupcakes & a HUGE Birthday Bash!

I'm excited to announce some sensational news with all of you, but first I have to talk about these delicious key lime pie cupcakes. It's been a feat in the making, trying to get a proper meringue frosting together. And what I've learned is that Swiss meringue buttercream is my Everest.  I have yet to complete it without it turning into a) a drippy & yet still delicious mess, or b) a lumpy, curdled embarrassment. So, in order to complete the cupcakes without going through an entire grocery store of egg whites and sugar, I decided to focus on meringue frosting (sans Swiss buttercream). And it turned out pretty beautifully! The key lime frosting filled graham cracker cupcake was the perfect vehicle for such a sweet, fluffy topping. See for yourselves...

Yup, that was fun. But now you're all waiting to hear about my news! I know! I can hardly type it I'm so excited. I got my first gig!  This Saturday a co-worker of Justin's is throwing her boyfriend a HUGE birthday party. And guess where she's getting her desserts?  That's right. I'll be baking for 50+ people in my tiny kitchen and it's going to be beyond amazing!

If that couldn't be any more exciting, I've finally gotten everything in order (including my fear) to form an LLC and begin baking in a commercial kitchen space! While I'll be getting everything filed and organized this month, I won't be baking commercially until September due to several planned trips in August. So be prepared in the next few weeks for a post about a real deal website, a space to bake commercially and a possible Cookie of the Month Club order form!

My First Gig!

Red, White & Nomnoms!