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Summertime and the Baking's Easy...

I hate to be posting food pictures that don't include my own, but summertime is here and I won't be starting up my baking again until tonight. I just could not wait that long to post again! I'm sure you understand.

In the name of all things summer, I've been spending as much time as possible outside. Enduring the heat is no easy task, so I've been making sure it's all in the name of deliciousness.  That being said, I've got pictures of me EATING tasty food all over town, and a wonderful post from BuzzFeed that did NOT cause me to drool all over my keyboard...

First things first, let's talk about what I ate. Here we have Justin cooking up some delicious bison burgers and grilled zucchini. Oh, you think that's all you can cook on a grill? Keep reading...

Oh watermelon, how I love thee. I know you're excited about my watermelon cupcakes that I'll be showcasing sometime in the next week or two. They may include Oreos in a way you never thought possible... Until now!

Okay, I'm not eating here. But I was about to run a Muddy Buddy, just so that I could eat MORE! That's me dreaming about food.

Below we have

Ellie's Old Fashioned Donuts

 from the

Franklin Farmer's Market

. I believe these were pumpkin and covered in cinnamon and sugar. And honestly, they melted in my mouth.  Not the way a Krispy Kreme does. No sir - better! They melted in the way really moist, deep fried cake should. Just kind of mmmnom and then into nothingness. And then the crispy crust on the outside? Oh gosh. Now I'm just speaking in Donut. I think that's a romance language.

I took a break from eating for this picture. And yeah, I may have eaten a strawberry cupcake after that picture was snapped. Let's not judge. I shared with Justin and Bo Dog! C'mon people, I'm trying to prep you all for what's about to happen to your minds. And by that, I mean that you'll need a mop to wipe up whatever is left of your brains after I bring the heat. Ready??

Who's ready to put that summer heat to good use??? I know I am! Now that we've got a working grill on apartment property, I plan to fully utilize BuzzFeed's list of

17 Desserts You Can Make On The Grill

. Let's talk about my mindset right before my world changed: opened this link, went googly eyed, mouth dripped - I mean dropped!, and then I instantly opened my blog and hurriedly typed in order to share it with everyone!

My first and most exciting attempt will be to make cookies on the grill...because why have I never thought of this? Followed very closely (and possibly instantaneously) by the chocolate cherry ricotta grilled pizzas.

What's your favorite??

Red, White & Nomnoms!

Biscuits are Vehicles for Jam