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Summer Strawberries & Banana Jokes

It's a

slippery slope

when you start stealing your dad's jokes. And I'll be a

monkey's uncle

if I didn't have four overly ripe bananas sitting on my counter Friday afternoon. So I got to thinking, and usually thinking leads to baking...

I went a little nuts this weekend. And by nuts, I mean fruits. I went a little fruits this weekend! I got my new shipment of

Bake It Pretty

goods - cupcake liners, striped paper straws & a little heart shaped cookie cutter - and I was itching for a weekend of solid baking. After a run with Justin and our Bo dog Saturday morning, I strolled over to the

West End Farmer's Market

and grabbed myself two pints of beautiful, sweet, bright red strawberries from

Delvin Farms

. I also grabbed a couple of

Olive & Sinclair

chocolate bars from

The Produce Place

because I was feeling kind of frisky. And by frisky, I mean hungry. And by hungry I mean...well, you get the point.

You can see the beautiful

Bake It Pretty

box that arrived on my doorstep! I love how quickly I receive their shipments, and how perfectly wrapped and packaged everything always is. Not to mention, their liners are so perfect and the color stays so well.

I'm a big fan. Big. Huge!

As a side note, I couldn't resist posting this adorable, green strawberry. I mean look at it, it's ADORABLE.


Delvin Farms

, you sure know how to make this girl happy...

So it began with Saturday night's dinner. I had fresh strawberries on the brain, and I had just conjured up a loaf of banana bread topped with

Olive & Sinclair

chocolate chunks. Without hesitation, I threw strawberries into my avocado, spinach & basil salad and thought, "Those would look damn fine in some cupcakes..." During dinner my mind wandered to strawberry cupcakes and warm banana bread.

Here's a close-up of the warm, moist banana bread fresh out of the oven!

So naturally, I baked strawberry cupcakes before bed. Because that's what any rational girl would do! In my excitement from baking the hand pies last week and the banana bread and strawberry cupcakes the night before, I decided that Sunday morning I was definitely going to top those cupcakes with strawberry meringue buttercream frosting.

With a lot (too much?) of energetic morning jumps and squirms of joy, I began separating eggs, measuring sugar, and getting a double boiler going. So far so good. I whisked and I whipped and I even did a little happy dance as I saw the meringue fluff up before my very eyes. Joy! But then a wee little needle deflated my ever-growing baking balloon as I slowly added in the strawberries and watched my meringue get too glossy and then boom. It was all over.  No more fluffy, whipped, marshmallow-like goodness. Just shiny, separated strawberry goop. Boyfriend liked it despite it being completely unappealing (visually), but I knew it wouldn't do. I was crushed, but I whipped up a quick batch of strawberry buttercream and vowed to try the meringue frosting again soon.

 As it turns out, the cupcakes were a pretty big hit!

I also made a batch of triple chocolate cookies which were amazing! But those pictures turned out kind of hideous, and honestly I'd rather not go into detail with what a bad picture of a chocolate cookie looks like.

Stay tuned for this weekend's post, as I'm going to attempt the meringue buttercream again and hope for more success. But not before I bake donuts! That's right folks, it's National Donut Day on Friday. So aside from heading to Krispy Kreme and/or Dunkin' to snag yourself a

free donut

, be sure to check out Friday's blog post! It's your patriotic duty!

National Donut Day!

Just Peachy, Nashville!