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Biscuits are Vehicles for Jam

It all started over a week ago, but low and behold, I got busy with schoolwork and work-work, and life-work (life-work is paying bills, working out, and napping on the couch). But alas, I bring you three wonderful treats and some happy family time to boot!

I couldn't get enough of The Peach Truck, so I went back and grabbed another couple bags.  Justin made some peach jam, which I was eating with a spoon until I finally made buttermilk biscuits with Smitten Kitchen's recipe. It was simply a vehicle for the peach jam.  A delicious, buttery, warm vehicle.  Sadly, those were not photographed, because they went directly into our bellies. They never stood a chance. 

But what did get photographed were the chewy, super soft peach oatmeal cookies!  They were topped with a quick swirl of maple flavored royal icing. And yes, I used real maple syrup. Those were some damn fine cookies! They were immediately photographed and shipped to my favorite graphic designer and founding Cookie of the Month Club member.  [DISCLAIMER: Cookie of the Month Club is not available yet! But with her help and brilliance, it will be soon!]

Quick - distraction!

Mmmm, Peach Truck peaches.  Mmmm, maple icing.  Mmmm.... cookkiieessss.....

A few days later, I realized that Justin and I had been invited to a Mexican themed dinner party.  My brain began to stir as I realized I got to play with my favorite combination of foods!  Sadly, I had class and had to miss the festivities, but I made sure that Justin had something to take with him.  And that is how I perfected my margarita cupcake.  Oh yes, just imagine coconut, lime and tequila all blended together to make this sweet and tangy cupcake.  It's enough to make you forget that I keep my tequila in a mason jar.

Look at those pretty sugar dipped lime wedges!

And as you can see, I've been working on my piping skills.  This frosting was perfect, so piping was easy. I've learned how to make my frosting whipped and creamy and easily pipe-able so that I could get through my "Piping for Dummies" book.  (I don't actually have a Piping for Dummies book, but I'm searching Amazon for one now... Oh look,

Cake Decorating for Dummies

... Duh.)

Well, this dummy knows everything is better with a shot of tequila! See how much better that cupcake looks next to a shot? Imagine how much better it would taste after a few of those!

My taste tester is eyeing the evidence...

Speaking of tequila, my parents came in town this past weekend! And I was so excited to spend Father's Day with my dad this year! We had a blast drinking wine, singing Beatles songs, seeing an art deco car display, and much more. And for Father's Day, my siblings and I got him a new grill! Oh, and did I mention that I made chocolate covered Oreos? Yes, we will pause at chocolate covered Oreos, because after that, nothing else matters!

Oh my, what's that?!? Those look like

Birthday Cake Oreos

, you say?? Why yes, yes they are.

I made dark and white chocolate chocolate covered Oreos, and they lived up to the hype.  We each enjoyed one after a hefty breakfast of eggs, kale, sweet potato hash, and biscuits with peach jam & whipped honey.  And then we didn't eat again until Monday. I hope everyone had as much fun on their Father's Day weekend as I did with my dad!

Dad's new grill is shown below!

Just kidding...

Summertime and the Baking's Easy...

National Donut Day!