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Whole30 Craving Post: Seis de Mayo

lyndi michele

I was too busy yesterday avoiding all things Mexican to post anything delicious.  For some reason, I always miss out on celebrating Cinco de Mayo!  Whether it be a test the next day, random "no sugar" diets, or whatever else just so happens to fall on May 5, I rarely [if ever] get to celebrate.

And thus, another year without it.  Now, this may not seem like a big deal, since nobody is really sure what Cinco de Mayo's purpose is in the first place.  But for those that know me, my love affair with Mexican food/drink is a steamy one.  My most beloved menu items (in order): Tequila, Queso, Spicy Chocolate, Tacos, Jalapenos, and Tequila.  Did I say tequila?  Why is it the most wonderfully delicious thing ever?  I love baking with it, cooking with it, and sipping on it in any and every form.

So, in honor of my spicy Mexican fiesta love affair, I decided I couldn't skip Cinco de Mayo all together.  Thus, I bring you Seis de Mayo!  The fiesta of cravings, creamy tequila frosting, and last year's dose of mini coconut margarita cupcakes brought to you by Littlest Love. Salud!