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Littlest Love is a  boutique bakery located in Nashville, Tennessee. We specialize in developing custom desserts (cookies, cupcakes pies, bars, etc.) with our clients for their private events. 




Littlest Love's blog is all about testing/sharing fun recipes, learning more about the pastry scene in Nashville and around the world, and hosting pastry and dessert pairing pop-ups in Nashville, TN!

Southern Charm + FUN news!

lyndi michele

It's been a while since my last post, but that's because I've been a very busy bee.  More on that to come. That's right, you must read the entire blog to hear the wonderful news! But it's worth it, because I present to you <drum roll please!> last weekend's Steeplechase sweetness! Steeplechase is a lot like the Kentucky Derby, in that people wear big hats while "over-serving" themselves and I think it also involves horses.  I can't be sure, because the stories I've heard mostly involve alcohol, mud and rain, but I'll take people's word for it.  In any case, Steeplechase has no known traditions that I could deconstruct into delicious treats - after all, nobody wants to eat mud.  So instead, I stole Kentucky Derby traditions.  If you said mint juleps and red roses, you'd be correct!

Let's start with my personal favorite - the mint julep brownie.

Yes, you heard me! Gooey, chocolatey, minty, and boozy, this brownie was infused with a heaping dose of Tennessee charm. And by that, I mean the ever glorious Jack Daniel's whiskey.  And I suppose it doesn't hurt that I decided to swirl in a heavy dose of creamy, minty cheesecake into the batter.

Yes, I've combined two favorites:

And made the brownies super thick by putting them in a 9x9 pan! Talk about deep dish desserts!

Next on the list of derby delights is the ever-glorious red velvet cupcake.  I went for a deep red color, and swirled a rich, tangy cream cheese frosting on top.

 It was pretty glorious...

But enough about the sweets! You want to hear the gossip! The news!  The FUN news!  You got it.  After a long, hard day at work, I toured a beautiful commercial kitchen space. And it was the real deal, with a very bright and helpful staff that plans to help me every step of the way. This could be it folks!  This could be the start of a beautiful working friendship!  Littlest Love could be in business as early as June, so be on the lookout for a real deal website and a possible Littlest Love siting somewhere in Nashville, TN!