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Just Peachy, Nashville!

It's no secret that it's peach season. I mean, the sun is shining (well, it was yesterday!), the air is warm & humid, and the smell of gardenias is in the air. So what better way to celebrate than to try out a new recipe?  That's right, today I bring you peaches galore.  Specifically, honey-vanilla peach hand pies (with a little

American Honey

in there) for a good swift kick in the arse this Friday morning!

The Peach Truck

supplied the peaches, my amazing Oma supplied the pie crust recipe, and my sweet boyfriend supplied the love and support (see the last picture!)

Honey, and vanilla, and peach and... and...

Finished product plated, and waiting to be enjoyed!

Mmmm..... nom....

Happy, happy boyfriend (who, by the way, is totally rocking his "Blanche is my Nana" t-shirt)!

This weekend should be full of more baked goodness! Stopping by the

West End Farmer's Market

to pick up some fresh strawberries from

Delvin Farms

! And I'm also picking up some

Olive & Sinclair

chocolates. Nashville, I think I love you!

And if you're anything like me, this song has been going through your head this whole time...

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