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Whole30 Craving Post: Sushi Dreams

Today, I'm craving sushi. That's right. It's a full on Volcano Roll with pickled ginger and spicy mayo dipped in soy sauce kind of craving.  And yet, I ate my roasted veggie salad instead and enjoyed every bite of it. Fortunately for me, this Whole30 adventure has made me really appreciate all foods, and has given me the energy I need to look past my cravings. Even the ones that show up in my dreams.  Yes, I even dreamt about sushi last night.  But each bite I tried to take just never made it into my mouth. Evil brain won't even let me dream about it properly!

So today's post is an Ode to Sushi.  And no, what you see before you is not your average sushi!  This is my coconut-almond cupcakes topped with sweetened coconut flakes, a Mike & Ike's and a Swedish Fish.  Looks just like sushi, right?  Too bad I can't have these either!

These mini cupcakes were a huge hit last time I made them, and are definitely the perfect post for today's full on, dream-inducing craving!  Enjoy!

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