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Whole30 Craving Post: Fall, Shmall, I Want Pumpkin!

Sadly, Fall and Winter foods are no longer in season. Now if only the weather would just intuitively know this and STAY warm! Fortunately for me, I stocked up on cans of pumpkin. A lot. Of. Pumpkin. Today's craving IS pumpkin, and fortunately for me, I can have that! Just not in it's most delectable form, which is mixed in with cream cheese frosting, slapped between two fluffy, chewy cookies, and rolled around in mini chocolate chips.  I suppose I can make something else with my many cans of pumpkin sitting wistfully in the pantry, but in the meantime, at least I can oogle this beaut in photos!

Anyone else's mouth watering yet?

pumpkin chocolate chip cookie-which

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