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That's Not a Cookie!

I know, I know! You're probably wondering what all of this is you see in this picture.  It's my lunch.  That's right. I'm cleansing Whole30 style.  This book has changed my mind on how I want to think about food, and honestly, I needed that change.  Due to my hectic schedule, and my love of Kraft Singles, I have been relying on processed foods my entire life.  For me to shift my reliance to all natural foods is a great lifestyle change for me, so that the treats I offer can always be held up on the highest pedestal.  Before I can begin preparing for all of you, I'm going to prepare MYSELF!

So I will be on a baking hiatus for the next 30 days, and I will be working on the business side of things instead.  I'm gearing up to hopefully work with some incredibly food-conscious people to offer you a great product...and soon!  In fact, it could be as soon as July that you could be receiving Littlest Love's first baked item.  What item will that be?  Hmm, any guesses out there?

In honor of the Whole30, I am going to post a picture a day (hopefully!) of a delicious treat that has gone down in my baking history.

Stay tuned!

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