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Cookies, Meet VoicePlay!

If you give a bass singer a cookie, he'll probably ask for a cup of coffee.  

This weekend, I was visited by the amazing a cappella group 


, who is currently on tour traveling and performing all across the Southeast.   These five, wonderful guys are Eli, Geoff (pictured right), Earl, Tony and Layne, and they stopped by Nashville to hang out, eat cookies, and play with my dog (pictured left), Bo.

So lucky for them, when I have guests, I bake. This time, I had some truly talented taste testers! They got to enjoy the cookies fresh out of the oven while relaxing at my apartment, drinking coffee, and nursing a burger coma after visiting 

Burger Up

 for lunch.  They liked the cookies so much, even Earl couldn't resist a 


on the road!

If you like cookies, stay tuned for exciting news to follow in an upcoming post.  If you like music, check out VoicePlay's

hit mash-up

with Nashville's very own Rachel Potter!

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