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(Cadbury) Eggs for Breakfast

How do you like your eggs in the morning?  I prefer mine in Cadbury creme form, in the center of a cupcake.   This was my treat after spending an entire week scarfing down carb-free fare in the name of Passover and its glorious pound-dropping diet.  It's also a real treat to be baking cupcakes again!  I took a hiatus to perfect the chocolate chip cookie - a task that will probably never end.  Anybody interested in being my taste tester?  You could be discovering all of the cookies and brownies that Littlest Love has to offer!  If so, I may have exciting news on that front very shortly!  

In the meantime, happy post-Easter/post-Passover breakfast!

vanilla cake, chocolate frosting, CADBURY center

That's Not a Cookie!

Ready? Set? Bake!