Littlest Love is a BLOG. And a concept.

Littlest Love is also the owner, Lyndi Stein.

Growing up, I was not a "foodie." I was a grilled cheese traditionalist (white bread, Kraft singles) and a lover of anything sweet. Most specifically, Oma cookies. These Oma cookies held a special magic in every crunchy bite. Me and my siblings would race up the steps to our Oma's house and scramble to be the first kid to call dibs on the cookie jar. Even my dad joined in the race. To this day, they taste just as good to adults and kids alike.

Just the site of an Oma cookie brings back the feelings of her love, her glorious stubbornness and her passion for perfection. The reminder of how she had to warm the butter to an exact temperature and roll out the dough to just the right width. And the sheer genius of the sprinkles and sugar topping. My Oma found the perfect balance of homemade simplicity and culinary integrity.

My goal is to ensure Littlest Love is just that. The perfect balance of simplicity and integrity that we could all use a little more of these days. Follow along on Instagram or on the Littlest Blog for the latest recipes, city guides to all things pastry, and pop-ups around Nashville!